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How to use Formition Password Safe, quick user video:

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Screen Shots

The toolbox (displayed below) is a handy feature that will stay on top of any other screens. You can use it to drop and drag your userid or password onto a web page or other application. You can also alternatively use the Copy Userid or Copy Password buttons to put the information into the computer clipboard to "paste" it into another application. The main functions such as launch website and display password are also easily accessible from here. There is also an edit button (far right) to allow you to jump to this password in edit mode.


When you have installed password safe, you will see it in your windows tasktray, right click on it to get quick access to your common accounts,.


To ensure you do not loose your information, you have an option to back your password database and restore it.


More Screen Shots can be found here for now, we will move them across shortly.


When the program installs it does not launch automatically, you can find the program under Start > Program Files > Formition > Password Safe

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