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Password Safe

An open source application designed for Microsoft Windows 7, keep your ever growing computer and internet passwords under control and have more secure passwords!

Using cryptography to store your passwords locally, you have peace of mind as the only key to your information is your very own master userid and password.

Password safe means you no longer need to use the same password for multiple websites which is a common risk and cause of internet hacking and email hijacking! If you have been putting off managing your passwords, now is your chance to get on top of the situation.


Simple drop and drag as well as copy and paste features mean that it will work for any browser and any application and you don't have to worry about browser versions,

For those looking at expanding or using this source code or just getting a head start on development, the source provides a good example on how to create an application that has the following traits:
  • Uses Encryption / Cryptography
  • Utilises the System Task Tray (minimise to task tray)
  • Starts on user login
  • Has an Installer, Uninstaller
  • Uses a local Microsoft SQL database for data (with a small footprint)
  • Stores all the data locally
  • Utilises the Registry (for settings)
  • Communicates to backend web services for Registration / Upgrade / Issue Tracking

Developed in Visual Studio 2010 (Visual Basic)

Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment to recommend this product!

Why is this open source?

There are many password products on the market and being developers ourselves we wanted to provide the ultimate password safe that was trustworthy, being open source means that we are open to scrutiny and to people wanting to make sure their information is safe and secure because they can review the software code.

Our team have tried other password programs ourselves for years and they are overly complex and try to take over your computer in unwanted ways, they are hard to uninstall and cause more problems than they solve. We don't expect to make money from this but we want to simply build on our reputation throughout the community!

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